Hijab Care

How do I wash my hijab so it will stay as new for longer?

Just follow these simple steps and advise on how to care about your hijab so it will stay in its good condition for longer.
Please note that with every wash your hijab may lose it primary look, but by following these simple steps you will minimise this loss a lot.


  • No hot water
  • No washing machine (even delicate wash may damage the fabric)
  • Never soak
  • Don't mix colours and printed scarves
  • Don't bleach or hard detergents
  • Don't squeeze strongly
  • Don't dry on heating or sun, no dryers


  • Only wash in cold/lukewarm water
  • Only hand wash
  • Wash quickly so colour won't bleed
  • Wash every colour separate and every printed scarf separate
  • Only soap or washing powder
  • Lightly squeeze
  • Dry it outdoors if possible, away from sun or indoors away from heating


Some tips for quick wash:

  • Prepare all scarves you need to wash: sort the colours if necessary.
  • Take a bucket and washing powder or soap.
  • Fill the bucket with some cool water for first batch of colour and mix it with a pinch of washing powder.
  • Wash quickly, rinse under cool running water, squeeze lightly and put aside.
  • Pour off the dirty water from bucket, fill it with clean cool water and mix with a pinch of powder, wash another bunch in it and so on.

I personally always wash my hijabs this way, it takes only 10 minutes to wash all my hijabs even if each one is in different colour especially when they're printed.

Dry every scarf separate so they won't colour each other and follow don'ts and do's advise ;) How you hang them it's up to you!

You can iron most of the scarves on mark 2, take special care with silky and softness range hijabs, you may minimize it to mark 1.

Special care instructions for PASHMINAS:

Pashminas are very naughty hijabs so take special care of them to stay alive for longer :)

  • Always wash it prior wearing it first time in cold water with or without detergent is up to you so the colour won't bleed heavily when washing it next time and shouldn't leave a colour on your clothes.
  • Store it in dry place as pashminas get dump easily in humid conditions and may smell dumpy.

Exception of this advise would be jersey hijabs and chiffon hijabs they may be washed in washing machine at 40C, but I would still recommend handwash them to prolong their lifetime and avoid premature bobbling. Good thing is that they don't bleed colour too, so they can be washed with the rest of the clothes using your usual detergent. Note that here I mean only Hijab Fashion Shop's jersey hijabs, as there are different types of jersey hijab quality and this method may not apply to other hijabs as they may not be suitable for washing machines or may bleed colour.

To keep your hijab clean for longer wear an underscarf, so your hijab won't get greased. You can always machine wash your underscarf and they're much cheaper to replace!

Hope this was helpful :)

Please note that this care instruction is my own opinion and experience, I'm not responsible for any damage that may occur to your product.