Jersey Hijabs - Hijab Fashion Shop

Hijab Fashion Shop jersey hijabs are made from premium quality, soft, ligthweight, four way stretch and opaque cotton jersey material.
The very same jersey hijabs can be found in branded Islamic stores at double and sometimes triple the price. At Hijab Fashion Shop premium doesn't cost fortune and I do not charge for a tag ❤

My Jersey Hijabs are made from premium quality jersey (90% cotton, 10% elastane blend) and you won't find this kind of material at a better price anywhere else. I am aware there are lots of cheap modal jersey hijabs available in other online stores and in some stores not so cheap. Their modal jersey are see through, easily snagged, and the fabric makes you hot even though they're thin. While trying to keep my prices low and close to those cheaper versions, the quality of my fabric and stitching is premium and well worth the price (which is already very affordable anyway) unless you want bobbles all over your hijab after few times of wearing it. I guess the best way to know is to try :) If you have already had a chance to compare them, then you probably already know it ❤

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