Assalaamu Alaykum and welcome to HIJAB FASHION SHOP - your one stop hijab online store.

Hijab Fashion Shop is a small UK based online business established in 2010.

My name is Victoria. I am a founder, customer service and all possible staff in one face :)

It all started back in 2010. I was freshly convert at that time and on maternity leave. I am a workaholic and couldn't stay still, like if a small baby wasn't enough haha. So I have decided to make some handmade hijab pins and sell them on Facebook. While looking for hijab pins supplies I have stumbled across a supplier of super gorgeous and unique hijabs and also in the process I've discovered that I can easily create a website using an eCommerce provider. Needless to mention that hijab online shopping at that time was very limited. I was astonished by the gorgeous hijabs I found were. They were super stylish and beautiful. Not many hijab stores offered something similar at that time, if any. So I thought I have to make them available to other sister as well as myself. To this day this supplier supplies my jersey hijabs, which were made to my order and were exclusive at Hijab Fashion Shop at that time. I did still make some handmade hijab pins later as well, but hijabs became my niche.
This is how Hijab Fashion Shop was born.

Since then hijab market has changed drastically. There are many beautiful hijab available in many different hijab stores. Many things have changed since, but to this day I stay committed to my lovely customers new and old as before. Some of them stuck with me since day one and I really appreciate their trust and commitment. We grow old together lol. 

Here at Hijab Fashion Shop I always try to keep up with the latest trends as well as offering some unique hijabs which are only available at Hijab Fashion Shop. I always try to keep my prices affordable without compromising on quality. I believe modesty should be affordable for everyone and I most certainly don't charge for a tag.

Quality, affordability and customer satisfaction are always my top priorities.

Hope you love my products as much as I love selecting them for you :)

Kind regards and best wishes!

Victoria ♥