UNLIMITED REWARDS for loyal customers!

For every £50 spent in the store (excluding delivery) you will get £5 OFF your next order. Including SALE items!
You earn points even when you use discount codes, Yes ;)

You will start earning your points even when you check out as a guest. All points will add up and once you register you can access your points in your account. Make sure to use same email address as you used to place your order to retrieve all earned points.

So if you have shopped at hijab shop since October 2019 and didn't know about this scheme means you've got points allocated to your email address!

For every £1 GBP spent you earn 10 points.
Once you collect 500 points you can use them as money off your next order.

To use your earned point you need to be registered and logged in. Create your account by clicking HERE.

You'll see this option at a checkout once you log into your account.

You can only redeem a chunk of 500 points at a time.
For example if you have 700 points you'll be able to redeem 500 points and the remaining 200 points will be carried forwards. If you have 1100 points you'll be able to redeem 1000 points and 100 will be carried forwards.

When you return or cancel any items from your order, your points will be deducted from your account according to product points value.

Your reward balance statement is available in your account.